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How to fill your empty nest!

Hi! I’m Mary Ellen and I’m your Empty Nest Life Coach.
I help women who are transitioning into a new life as they approach the empty nest. Usually while their children are still at home they begin to feel a sense of apprehension and fear; fear of what’s to come, fear of what they will do, fear of who they might be without the PTO and carpools.  I know exactly what that feels like and I learned how to feather my nest in a whole new way…. One that brought me fulfillment, excitement, joy and a true sense of purpose.
If you are ready to start dreaming and planning what comes next in this new chapter in your life, let’s hop on the phone because I have some secrets to share with you and it’s all about finding a new way to be in the world; a brand new exciting identity.

I’ve figured out this “empty nest” thing and I can’t wait to show you how you can fly too!

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This morning I woke up excited about the day ahead of me. I sat in my gratitude chair (yep- I’ve got a chair for gratitude time) and meditated and journaled about the class I would teach tomorrow- the class on finding joy through the practice of journaling. And then I...
    Tomorrow I will turn 53. It seems like both a minute and a lifetime ago that I turned 50. I was newly empty nested, just beginning my coaching practice and I was on the precipice of a new decade. On my birthday my husband asked where I’d like to go...
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