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What’s Next? is my signature program and it’s designed to help you spruce up your empty nest and/or redesign the next chapter of your life, whatever stage you may find yourself in.

No matter what stage of  life you find yourself in, I can help! I’ve worked with people from ages 17-70 and it’s never too late nor too early to harness your dreams and steer yourself towards your right life.  Do not believe for one moment that your future can’t be bigger and brighter than your past.

In six weeks we will:

  • Begin to uncover your dreams, passions, and desires, as well as the stumbling blocks that are getting in your way.
  • Help you identify and set goals for your personal “What’s Next”.
  • Create a road map to achieve those goals.
  • Find peace in the process of letting go of thoughts, worries and habits that no longer serve you.

After working with me my clients are:

  • Happier, healthier and able to coach themselves through their negative thinking.
  • Finding new paths and passions (as well as uncovering old ones they had long forgotten)
  • Finding peace in areas they never thought possible (learning to tame the inner worrier that lives inside their head).
  • The best part, though is they have closer, stronger and more meaningful connections to their children, their partners and themselves.

What’s included:

We’ll hop on the phone each week for a coaching call where we will sort through your thoughts, ideas and the things you think are holding you back from realizing your dreams.

You’ll have my specially designed worksheets and tools that will motivate and move you towards your next steps.

You’ll have email access to me in between calls. My clients can always contact me in between sessions if/when they run into a “sticky wicket”- I don’t believe you should suffer alone… I actually don’t believe you should suffer at all. Change can be hard and sometimes painful but suffering is optional. It’s a whole lot easier when you have a coach, a friend, a cheerleader by your side.

We’ll cover everything that is on your mind…I’m here to help you navigate what can be a scary and yet exciting transition. You don’t have to do this alone, I have weathered this terrain and know the pitfalls and even a few shortcuts to help you get to the promised land!

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Or… maybe you need a one off session? I call this a “Jumpstart” coaching call. 

Designed as a support module for the coaching packages, and also offered as a jump-start for a very specific and time-sensitive dilemma that needs immediate attention. Most appropriate for those who have already coached with me in some capacity. Sessions are one hour.


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